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A WARM HELLO TO EVERYONE!!! HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING OUR NICE LA WEATHER! We are now in full swing with our tours!! Boy, did our group ever enjoy our Las Vegas trip in late March!! The “funbook” contained three 2-for-1 meal coupons, your choice of two live shows for the price of one and various drink coupons. We’ll go again later in the year, but all rooms will be away from the “Fremont Experience.” Yikes, too noisy!!!  New Orleans tour was a blast (perfect weather, centrally-located accommodations and a terrific itinerary. And by the time you read this we will be back from Yosemite National Park . . . . can’t wait to see pictures of all the “very” full waterfalls.

And in mid-May I am personally looking forward to accompanying our group of 25 travelers on our Grand Alaska Land Tour. I hope we see bears like our groups usually do!!  Laughlin may be a disappoint for many of you if haven’t made your reservation yet . . . just a few seats available as we go to press. But, not to worry, we’ll be going back in August anyway. It’s always a popular tour …….ALWAYS sign up early. Our visit to Washington, D.C. (space available!!!) will round out May, followed by two 5-Day Amtrak Getaway departures in June. Then, it’s a Zion National Park Weekend, followed by our annual Yellowstone/Mt. Rushmore tour just a couple of weeks later (hurry . . . 40 reservations already!).

So, did you enjoy my first new column in April??  I hope that you learned a little something as well…..

PACKING & TRAVEL TIPS:  Last month we got your home/apartment safe while you are gone, and we helped you with your packing for 4-days.  Now, I would like to chat with you about Trip Cancellation Insurance, which is usually taken out within 2 weeks of signing up for a tour. The rule is that if you take out insurance within the first two weeks, pre-existing conditions are covered. For example, if you have diabetes, but have had no problems within the last 6 months, but after signing up for the tour and taking out insurance, you do have a problem and your doctor says you should not go on the tour, you can cancel, file a claim and get your money back. Some common excuses for not taking out trip insurance are: 1) “My credit card includes travel insurance.”  Often, it is only limited coverage and you may not be covered in your circumstances. 2) “I’m healthy, so I don’t need it.”  What if your travel companion becomes ill or injured, or a close relative at home becomes ill? Travel insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected circumstances that are out of your control. Also, your health insurance plan very well may not cover medical expenses abroad. Foreign medical facilities expect cash payment ahead of treatment. And Medicare will perhaps not cover all your needs should you travel outside of the USA. Just think about it . . . . and call us with any questions you might have.

BUSINESS NOTE #1:  REGARDING YOUR SPECIAL ROOM & AIR SEAT REQUESTS: Please be aware Travel Time Tours can only “request” your preferences (near elevator, adjacent rooms, ADA room w/TWO beds, aisles-across seating on planes, etc., etc.). Remember, these are only requests and are not guaranteed. Vendors do the best they can, but final decision is always at their discretion.

BUSINESS NOTE #2:  If you have an “issue” the night before or the morning of the tour, kindly call or text your escort (and NOT our office, please). Escort’s number is always listed on your itinerary near the bottom of the page.

ONE FINAL NOTE:  Good News!  I have now learned how to update Mary's Corner on our website all by myself.  Isn't that nice?  Soooooo, I'll be able to comment and keep in touch more often.  Please come back and visit me soon.

Wishing you all joyful days and happy travels!

Warmly, Mary
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