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WELCOME BACK GREETINGS TO ALL! Boy, have we missed all of you!

Needless to say, this last year has been devastating to so many of us, people and businesses. Our last tour was to Death Valley in March 2020 (Yikes!) and within just a couple of months we were forced to cancel all our remaining 2020 tours and refund more than $240,000 (did I already say, “Yikes”?). We also know how difficult and painful the shutdown was for ALL of you as well. One of the best things, however, is that so many of you keep in contact with us and I thoroughly enjoyed communicating with you.

I hope you have stayed healthy and safe during the last 13+ months, and that you’re all getting your vaccinations. I know I felt better just knowing I was better protected. It’s time for all of us to get back into life! The Good News . . . . WE ARE BACK!! And we’re exciting about seeing all of you again; together we’ll be able enjoy more adventures to some of our country’s most beautiful areas.

Let me leave some space for Ralph to give you further updates. God bless you all!  ~Mary

Hi, Everyone . . . . . . and Welcome Back

I thought being out of business (something I had done since 1976) was difficult. It is/was, but trying to “start back up” has been the real nightmare: some of the vendors we worked for decades with have gone out of business, airlines have changed their schedules and their payment policies, personnel at most of our hotels and attractions have changed, hotels are charging “resort fees” now and some even for overnight parking! The list goes on and on, but we will deal with it . . . . and get through it. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding if we stumble just a bit here and there. Yes, this really does feels like we’re starting all over again . . . . . . and I was MUCH younger back then. ~Ralph

Here's a few things to keep in mind, please:

     * Please check out our website. Lots of good information (COVID-19, etc.)

     * Be sure you get vaccinated, as this will be a requirement to travel with us

     * Masks will be required while onboard the motorcoach and temperatures will be taken

     * Fewer breakfasts are offered on tours at this time, but that should change as COVID      
        restrictions loosen

     * Group Travel Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is now available and less costly,
        too. Refer to our detailed Trip Flyers for per person cost or call our office for more details

     * Our bi-monthly newsletter, for the time being, will now be printed quarterly

     * Do not worry about paying dues at this time. When you do, it will still be just $5.00, and your
        membership will run through December 2022

     * Get your CA DMV REAL ID by the end of September, as you will need it for, among other
        things, flying

     * I know you were all looking forward to some European travel (we had at least three
       departures scheduled for 2020), but they have now been postponed until at least mid-2022
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