Welcome back to TravelTimeTours.com . . . . "Our 45th Year!" (1976-2021).  That's right, we're still here!  Can you believe it . . . . 45 years???  

NOT TO WORRY, WE'RE STILL HERE! Needless to say, 2020 was a near total loss for many of us and especially the tour industry.  But we ARE coming back, even though it will still be a few more months (we're thinking mid-summer). 

WE WERE HOPING to be able to have tours by now, but the vaccine rollout has been a real disappointment!  And due to the close proximity of motorcoach travel everyone will need to be vaccinated before they're able to travel with us. We will create our own herd immunity!!!

MANY OF YOU HAVE ALREADY received the vaccine while several others are still "waiting your turn."  Eventually, we'll all get there.  Hopefully, in just a few more months everyone who WANTS the vaccine will have an opportunity to receive it. 

STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY.  More details to follow.

Thank you again for coming back to visit us at www.traveltimetours.com.

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